Our Programs

GCCA programming focuses on education, health and mental well-being and capacity-building

Our programming addresses issues that are critical to building capacity for adults so that they are equipped to meet the needs of their elders and the children in their families.  Our new educational program initiatives enable adults to care for multiple generational families, creating lasting positive impact in terms of safety, mental health and community involvement.  These efforts affect the entire range of family members — the current generation, the prior generation and the next generation.

In this extraordinary time, we are collaborating with community members to support our virus crises frontfliners. Please click on the link below to learn more.

GoFundMe MealMatch for Fronliners Campaign.

Also, in response to circumstances created by the virus-related lock down of New York City, we have partnered with Rethink Foods to deliver food to seniors at 50 Bayard Street.